Great America Amusement Park

Not too long ago Aiden’s school had a field trip to California’s Great America and I volunteered to chaperone. I was a little nervous because I hadn’t been a chaperone before, and we were headed to an amusement park, but after we each broke into smaller groups so I only had 3 kids to watch.

We got there early in the morning, at the same time the park opened. All of the kids behaved so well and really loved the rides. Aiden even went on his first roller coaster. I think sometimes they feed off of each other’s adrenaline rush, haha. We also went on everything else in the kids area, and an adult roller coaster called Psycho Mouse.

After going on most of the rides we broke off to enjoy lunch, and then headed to the water play area. I tread the kids to some ice cream and then it was time to head home.

It was really smoky from the summer wildfires that day, you can see it in the last photo.

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Summer Camp at Rainbow

I enrolled Aiden in a new private school after finding out that his old one sort-of went behind the parent’s backs and no longer offered kindergarten at the campus Aiden was on. They planned on bussing him to and from a different campus. Sorry, not happening in my book. I enjoy interacting with Aiden’s teacher on a daily basis and checking on his progress whenever I feel the need. I am paying them, it’s well-within my right to know that my money is being spent wisely, and that my son is getting the best education he can get, correct? Anyway, this new school I’m sending him to offers extremely small class sizes which really got me excited. His teacher might actually know where his sweater is located when I go to pick him up? Wow! What a concept.

Today was his first day and I think he enjoyed it. The staff is very friendly and aside from a little problem with being cranky and tired (no more naps), I think the day went smoothly. He did get a timeout for knocking over some kids block building though. Shame, shame. I’m blaming it on the no nap situation and we’ve had a talk and he is supposed to be a really good boy from now on. I’m chaperoning a field trip to California’s Great America on the 24th, so that should I’m excited about that. Aiden would be too if he had any clue what Great America was.

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Tee Ball Game & End of Season Party

Aiden’s last Tee Ball game and after party was today. My grandparents and a few others were able to come to watch his last tee ball game. Aiden did so well in it even though it was very warm today and not comfortable for even those of us watching. I can’t imagine standing in the field in the heat and being able to focus. I’m always a proud mama either way.

Afterwards we went to the pizza place (with air conditioning, yay!) for pizza, trophies, and cupcakes. The cupcakes were so adorable, they each featured a photo of the child (so Aiden was on one) and they were stood up like a little cutout. They were delicious too of course. I’m pretty sure that Aiden enjoyed the cupcake more than the trophy and it certainly shows in the photos. I’m very proud of him. Tee Ball has been about four times better than Soccer was this season, but I’m not sure that we’ll do it again.

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Pre K Graduation and Party for Aiden

Aiden’s Pre-K Graduation was this week. It’s basically the same as pre-school, but just before Kindergarten. As the name suggests, Pre-K Graduation is a precursor to Kindergarten. The ceremony went really well and Aiden looked super adorable in his little faux graduation cap. Aiden was very lucky to have both of his Grandma’s, and me to cheer him on.

After the Pre-K Graduation ceremony, we went to pizza at Aiden’s favorite place (it has a play area, woooo). He ate pizza to his heart’s content and had a blast playing in the play area.

I can’t believe that he’s headed to the big “K” now! I have so many mama jitters. I don’t know whether to smile so hard I cry, or to just skip the smiling part and cry. It’s so hard when your little ones grow up. I’m sure I’ll survive (ha!) but a part of me just wants him to be little forever. In my head I know it’s far off, but it seems like after kindergarten comes high school and I don’t even want to think about that right now. Ouch.

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