Bowling at Cambrian Bowl in San Jose

We decided to take Aiden bowling today since his school went on a bowling field trip to Cambrian Bowl awhile ago and I was a mean mom and didn’t let him go since they were walking and I didn’t feel safe with it. We live pretty close to Cambrian Bowl in San Jose, California so we took him there for a fun day of bowling. I thought it would be something that he’d enjoy more with family.

Cambrian Bowl is a cozy little bowling alley that is a little dated but it doesn’t really effect the fun you’ll have there. We had no problem getting our own lane and getting down to business.

The ball was still quite heavy for Aiden so he got several turns due to it not even registering when it got to the end, but Steve had no problem getting 4 strikes in a row. Bowling is not my strong suite, apparently, so my score was just above Aiden’s. That’s only slightly embarrassing, right? (I’m mortified!).

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80th Birthday Party for Grandpa Doll

Earlier today we took a drive out to Galt for Steve’s Grandpa’s 80th birthday party. The drive was quite far but it’s always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of things for a bit. I don’t mind long drives, and we stayed for quite some time so it wasn’t like it was a quick turnaround or something.

It was good to see the whole family and meet new people that I haven’t met before in Steve’s family. The food was good, the people were great, and the kids had fun playing in the dirt. We hiked along some abandoned railroad tracks and Aiden found a loose spike to take home as a souvenir. I’m sure he will hold onto it for the rest of his life, ha!

Aiden slept the whole way home. I managed to snap a few pictures of him that I thought turned out pretty cute. I just love the evening light in these photos, too!

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Big Basin Redwoods Camping Trip

Summer is mostly over and we finally were able to do some non-backyard camping. One weekend we loaded up Jessica’s car and headed to Big Basin Redwoods (Santa Cruz mountains) which is only about an hour from our home. The drive up highway 9 is windy but worth it once you arrive at the redwoods. They can only be described as majestic and beautiful. I wish we lived a little closer to them because they definitely have a calming effect.

We only stayed for a single night which made all the setup and takedown use up most of our “relax time”. After we set up we went for a long walk around the space and investigated some of the larger empty trunks and fallen trees. Aiden and Yoda (our pug) definitely enjoyed being in the redwoods and playing with all the wonderful dirt. Jessica proved that she is really good at getting bit by mosquitos.

On the way home we enjoyed a nice sunny day at Twin Lakes Beach in Santa Cruz, which is dog friendly. Yoda loved digging in the sand.

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