Ballet, Going Back 5 Years Later

Last Thursday I started ballet again. I danced all throughout school and at 5 months pregnant I was pretty much forced to give it up. I’ve never missed anything so much in my life. Five years later I’m back into it and I couldn’t feel any more amazing. I’ve also been working really hard at losing weight, so this is one of my rewards. I was so giddy I made Steve snap a photo of me before class.

In class I recognized the terms pretty quickly and hopefully in a few months I’ll be back to my old self again. After class my poor toes were bright red and a couple days later the backs of my thighs felt like they got hit by a semi-truck, but my body will get over it and get used to it again.

Have you ever gone back to a hobby or skillset that you had before? Did it feel different?

I feel like it’s so much different for me now but 5 years doesn’t seem like a long time. It will take some practice, that’s for sure!

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California Academy of Sciences

This weekend Jessica’s Mom and Brother stayed at our house. On Saturday we all got up early and trekked up to SF to visit the newly renovated California Academy of Sciences. I hadn’t been there since I was in Elementary School. It was really crowded which made it hard to walk around and see all the exhibits but we were all impressed with all the new stuff.

I think everyone’s favorite part was the butterflies. They’re so beautiful and it feels like a magical world when you are in the “bubble” they are kept in. They would come right up to land on your hand if you let them, and you had to go through special doors to make sure you didn’t have any butterflies stuck to you when you exited.

After seeing just about everything and being tired of walking, we headed over to Baker Beach near the Golden Gate Bridge for a little fun in the sun before driving home. Keep reading for more photos from the California Academy of Sciences…

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Wedding Night Room at Highlands Inn

Just booked the room for the wedding night at our venue, the Highlands Inn in Carmel, California. I’m really excited to stay there, it’s so dreamy.

About the hotel:

Overlooking Big Sur Coast & Highlands Inn, California Hotel
Indulge yourself. Hyatt Carmel Highlands is a picturesque retreat overlooking the Big Sur coast with epic views of the Pacific Ocean, a stunning natural environment made even more special by our friendly and impeccable staff. Our seaside hotel in Carmel, California is an oceanfront retreat that seamlessly blends the amenities of a large property with the refined charm of a boutique hideaway.

Dine at the award-winning Pacific’s Edge restaurant. After a morning of yoga, take a dip in our heated outdoor swimming pool or unwind by booking a relaxing spa experience. If it’s outdoor activity you crave, we offer mountain bike rentals and useful maps for any hikes, jogs or bike rides around the stunning Carmel area. Let the Les Clefs d’Or Concierge arrange a day trip to Carmel by-the-Sea or a round at nearby Pebble Beach. Host an intimate sunset wedding ceremony. The options are limited only by your imagination, which will be inspired by the breathtaking vistas that surround our Carmel hotel.

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