Kitchen Before And After

I’ve never been particularly fond of our kitchen, but we’re only renting so I’m hesitant to do anything very dramatic to it even if I’ve been given the go-ahead. It’s just a really dark space for me and I want something lighter and brighter. After getting permission from our landlord (with a promise to share the Kitchen before and after photos), they gave us the go-ahead to paint it. I’m thinking a light creme color because although I absolutely adore a pale ash teal color it really doesn’t go with the (dated) backsplash above the sink. I feel really limited.

I stopped by Home Depot to pick up the primer and snagged quite a few paint swatches while I was in there. I really leaned towards that center color. It’s a really light blue with the tiniest hint of green color. It is called “Spa” by Ralph Lauren.

In the end, the Ralph Lauren color didn’t work out and we went with a light blue color by Behr. I don’t remember the name now but I absolutely love it!

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How To Make Rainbow Cupcakes

Every month my son’s school has  “Birthday Party” for all of the kids whose birthdays fall within that month. Also parents volunteer/sign up to bring different things for the parties. I usually volunteer for the cake/cupcakes/sweet thing part of it. I made some rainbow cupcakes and the kids really loved them.

The how to (with photos!)  is after the jump.

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