The Little Things

Aiden does the cutest thing almost every morning. You see, I leave the house early, like 6:40A early. Sometimes he is awake when I come out of my room and he gives me a hug and I make his breakfast. Other times I am getting ready to leave and all I hear is STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP, the sound of his tiny feet(yes tiny feet make noise too!) running down the hallway on our hardwood floors because he thinks he may have overslept and missed me. Those days I smile because he is so concerned about whether or not I’ve left yet. He asks me to please not to go to work and then gives me gigantic hugs and kisses before I head out the door. He always asks if he can watch me leave and I always oblige. Then he sits and watches my car as it leaves the driveway.

Really, it’s the little things that count. In other news..

And like most kids, Aiden loves bubbles. However, using the traditional sticks that come inside the bottles usually results in most of the bubble solution on the ground. The other day at target I saw a cheap battery operated “Bubble Gun” where it pulls the solution right out of the bottle and shoots it. Makes very little mess. Here is Aiden enjoying the bubble madness.

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Wedding Photos (official) from Carmel, California

I hope you’re excited because I am! These are our official wedding photos from our photographer, Tom Vo. My hair was done by Isabel of Izabelz, and my makeup by Nikol Elaine Artistry. My dress is from Christos Bridal. Ceremony was at Highlands Inn in Carmel, California and our beach photos were taken in China Cove of Point Lobos State Park in Carmel, California.

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