Sunny Mothers Day Party

Awhile back I hosted a Sunny Mothers Day Party and then never followed up with the photos from the party, so I’m sharing today. For the party I wanted it to be something casual and fun. I scheduled it after lunch and before dinner so we had an afternoon of reminiscing and snacking on some delicious desserts.

I had the boys paint hearts on small canvases to give to each of the women I invited, and then wrapped them in a cute polka-dotted yellow paper. They loved the gifts! I’m so happy everything went over well. After the party we all went out to eat for dinner. All in all it was a very nice day.

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Team Wiking – 1, Two Weeks Away

Aiden has been gone since Friday evening, hence Team Wiking -1. He is spending 2 weeks away with the other part of his family and I’ve spent almost every night crying about it. I have no clue what I will do when he goes to college (except try to convince him to go to a local school). I have been able to work on some things that I would otherwise not think about because I would most definitely be spending time with Aiden than cleaning the garage or painting the dining chairs so that they finally match the table. He comes back in 9 days (yes I’ve been counting down) and I can’t wait to see his little face again. Though it’s much bigger than in the pictures I posted he will always be that little boy that tries to climb my legs and clings to me like a magnet.

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