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If you follow along regularly, you probably noticed that recently I made some changes to Team Wiking. The header and layout were the biggest changes, but I also switched up the sidebar, and added a floating navigation, as well as a back to top button to try to make your experience at Team Wiking a little better. The changes I made were in hopes of making it easier to navigate and read content. Any feedback you have I would appreciate in the comments below, or in the 2014 Reader Survey (ended).

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89 thoughts on “Reader Survey + Giveaway

  1. What a great way to read a blog. IT is clear and not smushed together. There is room to read and enjoy what is being posted.

  2. Loving the new layout, girlfriend! I also love that you do a reader survey! I’ve been meaning to do one on my own blog for ages but never have, maybe now is the time. πŸ™‚

  3. Sorry, but I didn’t read your blog before the new layout. However, I do love the clean look of your current layout.

  4. I love the design of your blog! And thanks for hosting such a fabulous giveaway! It’s my first time to visit your blog! πŸ™‚


  5. Can’t find the link to survey. Also noticed the old look is noble friendly. This one gets cutoff in the left hand side

  6. Hey Jessica, I love the floating side bar – very clean and easier (for lazy ppl) to find on where to adventure next. Ie; Tahoe for us.

  7. Took the survey. You have a gorgeous blog and I love the font choice. There’s a great balance between the different type of posts (photo, text, etc). The sidebar is also really great, lots of info but not all stuffed in haphazardly.

  8. I love that your layout is very simple – classic. And I do love the addition of the floating bar – especially that it’s not too big! I just hate when people have a bar that takes almost half their page!

    1. Thanks, that’s great to hear. I really wanted it to help ease navigation, especially since I know some of my posts become very “long” with all of the images.

  9. i knew something was different a couple days ago when i visited this blog, love your adventures and your cute boys. cool giveaway you gat going

  10. I like it here! have ever since I came across your site! the floating bar is awesome and the side bar is there but not there which is great!

  11. This is my very first time to your website so I cannot compare what your blog looked like before and now…. but I LOVE your design! I love your blog too and I will definitely be following you going forward!

  12. I really like how clean and simple the new blog layout is – not that it wasn’t great before too πŸ™‚
    It’s easy to navigate and there’s nothing jumping out distracting from the post which is great. So many blogs have too much going on.
    Oh, and I wish I had that upcoming travel schedule! Iceland and Sweden – can’t wait to travel along with you online πŸ™‚

  13. I’m a big fan of clean and minimalist themes, so of course I love the new layout! (:
    I really enjoy how user-friendly is it and how everything is easy to find!

  14. I never thought of a survey to engage readers but i think it’s a great idea!! I hope you get the results you are looking for πŸ™‚

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