50 Item Wardrobe

50 Item Wardrobe, a minimalists capsule wardrobe for an entire year.

1. Tote Bag / Printed Clutch / Pom Beanie / Black Hat / Panama Hat / Sunglasses / Sunglasses
2. Dark Scarf / Light Scarf (similar) / Black Clutch / Leather Shorts / Pencil Skirt / Swimsuit (similar) / Bikini Top & Bikini Bottom
3. Tank / White V-Neck / Marsala V-Neck / Gray Tee / Black Tee / Silk Top / White Tunic
4. Chambray Top / Striped Top / Gray Sweater / Black Cardigan / Black Sweater / Black Blazer / Leather Jacket
5. Anorak / Trench / Wool Coat / Black Dress / Gray Dress / Black Dress / Long Dress (similar)
6. Black Denim / Dark Denim / Light Denim / Leather Pants / White Denim / Pumps / Nude Flats
7. Sneakers (similar) / Oxfords / Loafers (similar) / Flat Sandals / Slip-Ons / Strappy Heels / Ankle Boots

Between all of my talk and reading about minimalism, and the musical rooms I am playing in my house right now, I’ve thrown together a virtual closet overhaul. I’m sharing my dream closet that consists of 50 items or less for the entire year. This doesn’t include undergarments, workout clothing, professional clothing, or uniforms. The jewelry that I do wear usually holds some sentimental value, but if you like to wear jewelry I wouldn’t include it in your 50 item limit. Originally I felt like 50 was a low number, but after getting all of it out there and thinking about the seasons here it didn’t seem as low. My next project will be to make my closet look similar.

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