What’s in my Closet?

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After last week’s post about cleaning out my closet, you might be wondering if there is anything left for me to wear. I guarantee there is a hefty amount of clothing and shoes left for me to choose from. I started with around 128 items and downsized by about half, leaving me around 60 items total. I thought it would be fun since I make so many packing lists and other capsules to share what exactly made the cut.

Not only did I learn a lot about the process of cleaning out a closet, I learned a lot about my preferences and favorites. I also learned I might want to keep something I haven’t worn in over a year because it brings me joy to touch it.

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Labor Day Picnic Inspiration

Labor Day Simple Picnic Inspiration

1. Badminton Set / 2. Lunea Melamine White Dinnerware (not fragile!) / 3. Peterboro Handmade Picnic Basket / 4. Amara Pure New Wool Picnic Blanket / 5. Acrylic Stemless Wine Glass / 6. Table In a Bag (FSC certified!) / 7. Weck Canning Jar / 8. Small Metal Lantern / 9. Bocce Ball Set

Over the Summer I had my fair share of picnics, including a dreamy one at the beach. As we make our way into Fall, I can’t help but think about how lucky I am to live in California and not have to give up the picnics I’ve been in love with all Summer. Our weather stays pretty mild, and sometimes warm, for the transition into fall. We’re headed to a party that I’m not hosting on labor day, but I thought it would be fun to put together a little Labor Day picnic inspiration anyway.

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Hike to Stewart Falls via Aspen Grove

Fern trail near Stewart Falls

During our Stay at Family Camp in Aspen Grove, we took time to hike to Stewart Falls via the trail from Aspen Grove. It’s around 3.8 miles in length, with no crazy elevation changes. The trail is good for all ages and while we did the hike without kids, our older son Aiden went along with his age group for camp. One of my favorite parts about the hike was a section of the trail that was lined with ferns, queen anne’s lace, and birch trees. It reminded me of something from a fairy movie and it was hard to refrain from snapping more photos every few steps. It took a few hours to hike to the falls and back, but it was well worth it in the end.

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