50 Gifts For Everyone on Your List

I still can’t believe it’s time to shop for gifts, I honestly have no clue how this year went by so quickly. I feel like only yesterday we were traveling for the Summer. Alas, I welcome the holidays with all of their sparkles and magic (and cookies) with open arms.

I’ve never really had a problem over-gifting during the holidays. I like to buy quality items that really resonate with the person who is receiving the gift. This year with the kids I’ve taken on the want, need, wear, read theory which sounded like a lot at first, but once I’ve actually started to narrow down items it makes more sense for me.

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Guide to North Shore Oahu

Sharks Cove / Guide to North Shore Oahu

I’ve always been pretty harsh with my opinion of Oahu. We spent time there for our honeymoon in the Summer of 2009, so it was pretty busy and crowded. We didn’t do much exploring, so when we decided to go back this past October, I was really excited to see some less-touristy sights. I’m happy to say that we had a much better experience this time and today I’m happy to share a guide to North Shore Oahu.

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Small Business Shopping Guide

Small business shopping guide

Miansai in Venice Beach, California.

I’m not big on Black Friday shopping, it’s just never been my thing. I don’t like the crowds or excessive consumption based solely on the idea of a good deal. I do love the idea of Small Business Saturday though, that’s an idea I can fully support. Today I’ve gathered up some of my favorite California-local recommendations from friends and family, and some of my personal favorites as well to share with you.

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