Summer Denim Favorites

Denim favorites for the Summer

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The weather has started to finally warm up a little here in California, so that means that summer is officially on it’s way. Last year we had pretty mild temperatures throughout the summer and it wouldn’t surprise me if this year was the same. I’ve been wearing a lot of denim lately and why wouldn’t I? It’s versatile in both warm and season, and I’m sure everyone has a favorite pair of jeans. Today I’ve partnered with & Other Stories to share some of my favorite denim pieces for this summer with you.

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Tips for Visiting a Theme Park

6 Tips for How to Survive a Theme Park

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I’ve been to a few theme parks in my day, and one thing I know is they are a lot like travel. You might lose a hairband, you might get sick, and you’ll probably be hungry. Today I’ve partnered with Kia Motors and Six Flags to share my best tips for how to survive a theme park, from planning ahead, to packing, to finding ways to make the park seem less crowded.

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Small Space Laundry Room Inspiration

Small Space Laundry Room Dreams, the perfect design for a small laundry room or one that's limited on space. It's relaxing, neutral-toned, and minimal.

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Since we’ve completed our last big project for the house, I’m moving on to finish up some details on the inside that have been bugging me for awhile. As the main laundry-person in our family of 4 (plus 3 fur babies), I spend a lot of time doing laundry. A lot. I’ve even written lengthy posts about how to care for your clothing, but I don’t get to enjoy laundry in my day-to-day life. Our laundry area is located in the hallway, and it’s not just tiny, it’s closet-tiny. It brings me absolutely no joy to spend any time there, so today I’ve partnered with Samsung to share some inspiration for our new laundry area and hallway. I really want something more functional for us that is also beautiful and enjoyable. It should feel as if it was meant to be there all along instead of someone just tossing a washer and dryer into a hall closet.

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Tips for Building Your Capsule Wardrobe

Maintaining your closet, tips & tricks to help your capsule wardrobe last longer.

Above: Cuyana Silk Tee, Cuyana Swim Coverup, Acne Studios White Tee, Cuyana Silk Dress, Lou & Grey Backzip Sweatshirt.

Since I’ve been keeping a minimal wardrobe for awhile now, I’ve picked up a few habits that allow me to keep my closet cohesive and feeling like ‘me’. Today I’m sharing some quick and easy tips with you, from assessing your current closet, to cleaning it out, and filling in the gaps later.

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