6 Years Old! / Giveaway

Team Wiking World Traveler Giveaway! Win this J.Crew Passport Case & Luckies of London Scratch Globe!

Today Team Wiking is 6 years old. Wow! I can’t believe I get to type that now. Six years ago this blog began with a post about us camping in our backyard, who knew it would grow into so much more? Team Wiking was originally a means to keep our far-away family updated and started with a single adventure as a family. I feel like over the years it has evolved and come back full circle. We have so many memories of our adventures as a family that will be forever kept in our hearts. I’m so thankful that we’ve been able to explore and document as we go, I can’t imagine our lives any different than they are now.

With that said, I’ve got a giveaway for you!

Team Wiking World Traveler Giveaway! Win this J.Crew Passport Case & Luckies of London Scratch Globe!

I’m giving away a J.Crew Passport Case in metallic silver/gold leather, and a Luckies of London Scratch Globe. They are two of my favorite travel related things, enter to win below!

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48 thoughts on “6 Years Old! / Giveaway

  1. I want to go to Australia and Asia soooo badly! I’m going to Peru in October and I could not be more excited!

  2. yay! happy birthday team wiking! my husband promised me a honeymoon in turkey and it didn’t work out so i’m still dying to visit!

  3. Happy blog birthday!!
    I love reading your blog and seeing all your beautiful pictures of your family’s adventures.
    I too started my blog as a way for family and friends to keep up with our adventures, especially after moving to the other side of the world. A friend recently commented that he wished his parents had kept a visual diary like this of his childhood and that’s when I realized that not only is my blog a great way for my family back home to keep up with our lives but it’s a virtual memory book that my kids can look back on and relive their adventures. Your boys will definitely have an amazing memory book of their childhood!

  4. Oh, and there are so many countries I would love to be able to scratch off that map! Mexico is on my mind right now but I think our next big trip will be back home to Australia so little Mathilde can meet her family 🙂

    1. Thanks Sally! Yes, I really enjoy using the blog as a way to document our lives, but I also like that it holds me accountable to actually take those photos. So often we get lazy and don’t take photos. It just doesn’t occur to us since everything is so fresh and readily accessible now that in 10 years it might not be. You forget small details and your version of the story might change, but a single photograph can tell a huge story, and the story is always the same year after year, after year.

      I have to say that for us Mexico was really fun, I wish we had gone somewhere a little more exotic in Mexico but the flight was longer and we were a little intimidated when it came to flying with an almost 2- year old. Your back home is so exciting! My back home is a tiny town 100 miles away from where we live now, borrrringgggg.

  5. Happy blog birthday! I’ve been reading your blog for few months, thank you for sharing your photos and great trip tips with us.

      1. Thanks!

        Iceland is really high on our list right now. A couple of different friends have gone recently and we’re so green with envy! Aiming for next summer, but we’ll see how everything actually pans out.

    1. Laura that sounds like so much fun! I was supposed to be an exchange student to Japan in 2003 but things didn’t work out after the war started and the trip had to be canceled. 🙁 I’d really love to visit Thailand and China, too.

  6. Feeling Africa for my next trip! South Africa, Namibia, Ethiopia.. would be a big change from my last trip- Germany! x

  7. Happy birthday to your blog! I love all the photos of your beautiful family. 🙂 I would love to scratch off Greece and Croatia. I really want to take an Adriatic Sea cruise someday. 🙂

  8. Hello & Congratulations!! I really want to scratch Alaska off of the globe. It looks to be so beautiful and fun. Thank-you!!

  9. I’m going to India in a few months for a friend’s wedding, so can’t wait to scratch that off my list as well as the globe!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I’d scratch off tons of places across north america, and then hong kong, and china. I wish I could scratch off the whole globe!

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