Blog Conference, What’s in my Bag?

Throughout the course of my blogging years, I’ve attended more than a few conferences and one of the biggest topics that comes up is what to pack. While I usually share my clothing packing lists, like what I packed for BlogHer or what I packed for Alt Summit, but you should also consider what to pack in your day bag. Today I’m sharing what to pack in your day bag for a blog conference. These are items that I’ve always made sure to have in my bag while going from keynotes to sessions and beyond at a blog conference.

Alt Summit Winter 2016!

Big news!

If you didn’t already catch it on my sidebar, I’m speaking at Alt Summit Winter 2016 in Salt Lake City next month. I’ll be hosting a roundtable about branding and finding your niche. I’m excited and nervous all at once as this is my first official speaking role. With a rebrand under my belt, I’m confident in my ability to help others who might be thinking about refining their brand or even doing a rebrand of their own.

I’d love your help in putting together my presentation. Do you have any questions about branding and finding your niche? I plan to include a short activity for everyone to do during the presentation or later on, and then have time for Q&A as well.

I’m also excited to put together another conference packing list, like I did for BlogHer. It will all depend on the party themes and weather, so I’ll have to wait until the event is closer.

Are you attending Alt Summit Winter 2016? Do you have any questions I can help answer about branding and finding your niche? I’d love to connect!

Our Travels

Wishlist — Stockholm, Sweden — Moorea, French Polynesia — Newfoundland, Canada – Oslo, Norway — The Grand Canyon — Faroe Islands – Greenland — Lapland, Finland in Winter 2016 Salt Lake City, Utah (Alt Summit Speaker) Forestville, California Sea Ranch, California Salt Lake City, Utah (Family Camp) Iceland, Ring Road Trip (July) Vancouver, BC, Canada (August)

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