Aiden’s First Soccer Game

Well… of his second season. Aiden’s first soccer game of the season was a couple of weeks ago and I feel like he’s more confident this time around than he was last time. I love to see him make progress and learn things. Kids are like a sponge, they absorb everything around them and I enjoy showing him new things.

We both agreed that he would play this season and if at some point he didn’t like it we’d discuss it again. I feel like it’s important that kids don’t feel like they are just shuffled from one even or activity to the next without any real choice in the matter. My mom always gave us a choice growing up, and though I chose to partake in a lot of activities as a child, I acknowledge that my child may not.

Either way, I’m so glad that Aiden has decided to try another season, and he’s already looking more active so I’m very excited to see where this goes. He also enjoys any snacks that turn his tongue colors, ha!

Aiden's First Soccer Game (of Season 2)Aiden's First Soccer Game, #4 !Aiden playing soccerend of game high 5parent supportTongue coloring sweet treats.

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