Pre K Graduation and Party for Aiden

Aiden’s Pre K Graduation was this week. It’s basically the same as pre-school, but just before Kindergarten. As the name suggests, Pre K Graduation is a precursor to Kindergarten. The ceremony went really well and Aiden looked super adorable in his little faux graduation cap. Aiden was very lucky to have both of his Grandma’s, and me to cheer him on.

After the Pre K Graduation ceremony, we went to pizza at Aiden’s favorite place (it has a play area, woooo). He ate pizza to his heart’s content and had a blast playing in the play area.

I can’t believe that he’s headed to the big “K” now! I have so many mama jitters. I don’t know whether to smile so hard I cry, or to just skip the smiling part and cry. It’s so hard when your little ones grow up. I’m sure I’ll survive (ha!) but a part of me just wants him to be little forever. In my head I know it’s far off, but it seems like after kindergarten comes high school and I don’t even want to think about that right now. Ouch.

Aiden's Pre K graduationAiden's graduation from pre-schoolAiden's Pre K graduationAiden's Pre K graduation

3 thoughts on “Pre K Graduation and Party for Aiden

  1. I have so completely enjoyed catching up on your blog today!! Your bedroom is absolutely beautiful – I love the colors! Aiden is darling in his pics from t-ball and graduation, and your magazine, Jessica, an incredible accomplishment! You and Steve have done a great job in the layout, and there are a variety of interesting topics covered. (I even learned some new tips in the etiquette article.)
    Very impressive, Jessica!
    Steve, the haircut was inevitable – I’m sure you’ll find a wig that will work well for Halloween, instead . . . meanwhile it’s nice to have the “old” Steve back!

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