Almost Free Weekend Fun With Daddy

This weekend Jessica was out of town throwing her cousin a baby shower. This meant that Aiden and I had a guys weekend at home, so we had a little free fun weekend to ourselves.

We started the weekend by going to Aiden’s soccer game. He is getting better with every game. We then grabbed some lunch and headed over to the RC/Hobby shop. This store has a giant slot car racetrack that will make any little boy’s eyes light up. We looked around the store at all the wonderfully expensive RC gadgets but I eventually ended up at the “cheapo toy rack”. I found these foam/plastic planes that you use a stick & rubberband to shoot them with. They were only $1.99 each. We bought 2. It’s like buying almost free weekend fun!

When we got home we took them out front and started having contests to see who could shoot them further. Aiden quickly got the hang of it and played with his for over an hour. The next day we went on a bike ride through Vasona and Aiden managed to ride 12 miles with me and didn’t complain once. Very proud of the lad.

He was happy when Mom came home, but we had a fun guys weekend together.

Shooting foam planesfoam shooting planesweekend funAlmost free fun

One thought on “Almost Free Weekend Fun With Daddy

  1. Very cool, Steve! Amazing how kids (and adults) can have good “simple” fun! And 12 miles . . . go Aiden! I know adults who couldn’t go that far w/o complaining! 🙂

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