My Favorite Minimalism Resources & Inspiration

My Favorite Minimalism Resources and Inspiration

With Spring Cleaning and decluttering at the forefront of my mind at this time of year, I’m in full-on declutter, live-with-less, zen mode. I’ve posted my fair share of information and thoughts on minimalism, but love to look for new inspiration as well. Minimalism to me is not the idea to rid yourself of all your possessions, but to only keep those that are functional (you need) or bring you joy. The items you surround yourself with should serve a purpose, not sit unloved or unused while life passes by. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite inspirations for minimalism, so be sure to check them out.

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Modern Tropical Moodboard & Outdoor Planning

Modern tropical outdoor moodboard, featuring warm woods, tropical foliage and a paver grid patio with succulents in between

Awhile back I shared some inspiration for an outdoor space I wanted to work on, and now that Spring is very near in California I’ve finally started work on our outdoor space. With that comes lots more planning, and refining the look that I’m going for. I think I’ve settled on something with a modern tropical vibe, which to me means it’s inspired by both a tropical and desert (a.k.a. water friendly) vibe. The warm woods and large-leafed foliage both feel tropical, while the pavers outlined by spanish sedum and combined with the white cushions feel more desert to me. Hopefully I can achieve a balance of both.

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Slow Travel, Exploring With Intention

Slow travel: The benefits of exploring with intention.

It might sound weird to combine the phrases slow travel and exploring with intention, but hear me out. When we went on our action-packed trip to Paris we planned to do all the things. All. The. Things. The first four days were non-stop, filled with touristy things and putting more miles on my walking shoes than I have in the last couple of years. It was extremely exciting, but it was also extremely exhausting. Today I’m sharing with you a little lesson that I had to remind myself of on this trip, enjoy slow travel.

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