Black V-Neck Sweater, Three Ways

Black V-Neck Sweater, Worn 3 Ways Black V-Neck Sweater, Worn 3 Ways
Black V-Neck Sweater, Worn 3 Ways Black V-Neck Sweater, Worn 3 Ways

Wearing: Cashmere Crop V-Neck, Everlane High-Rise Skinny Denim Ankle in Mid-Rinse, Everlane Boss Boot

Since I keep a minimal closet, the biggest thing I feel like I can invest in are pieces that can be worn multiple ways. I’ve shared a couple of favorites before, including a scarf and swimsuits that can be worn as tops. Today I’m sharing with you a simple v-neck sweater that can be worn 3 different ways with very little effort.

1. Wear the sweater forward. This is the normal way that you’d wear this sweater, and I think it’s a great casual look when paired with jeans, or you can pair with a skirt or slacks for a nicer look.

2. Wear the sweater backward. The simple act of turning the sweater around raises the neckline and makes it look much more fancy than it actually is. It also moves the V shape to the back, adding interest there so I’d suggest wearing your hair up. During our trip to Napa I simply turned my sweater around before our dinner date and added a bolder lip color for an easy evening look.

3. Wear the sweater off the shoulder. This look is a lot more casual and perhaps a bit sultry. Off the shoulder is not my favorite look for this piece, but since it’s a wide V cut, it can be done if it’s something you’d like. I think pairing it with casual (even ripped) jeans and flats will help it look as though your outfit is intentional instead of undone.

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Do you have items in your wardrobe that you wear more than one way? 

Photos by Sarah Hettervik for Hej Doll.

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