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Carla, me, Jessica, and team-wiking-blog-party-12 team-wiking-blog-party-13 team-wiking-blog-party-14Nancy and team-wiking-blog-party-16 team-wiking-blog-party-17

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending Blog Party, a small get-together arranged by Jamie for San Francisco Bay Area local bloggers to meet up. It was hosted by Social Print Studio, in their ultra-hip San Francisco office and all of the delicious food was created by Andrea Pimentel of Bakin’ Bit. I snapped a few photos but focused most of my time meeting other bloggers in the area. All other photos are taken by Simone Anne of We Are Afterwards Nancy and I headed over to Treasure Island to snap a couple night shots of the San Francisco skyline. It was a wonderful night and I’m definitely looking forward to the next one!

I got to meet all of these wonderful ladies: Anita of Dessert First Girl, Kate of Undeniable Style, Kaitlin of Love and Kait, Jessica of Dinner at Holmes, Jessica of Fab in Lombardia, Jeanna of Clean Eats Girl, Lila of Lingering Day Dreams, Katie of Lovely Letters, Jessica of Thread and Bones, Jacqueline of Birds of a Thread, Einat of Design Break Online, Bobbie of Even if Nobody Reads This, Ana of Fluxi On Tour, Tanya Troshyna, Suzanna of Zoso Lights, Michelle of Young Hip and Psychic, Christine of Christine Kaurdashian, Carla of Alyssa and Carla, Sarah of Snixy Kitchen, Kelly of Dear Ponytail, Kelly of A Side of Sweet, Chelsea of Ginger Side of Life, Diana of Diana Willard Blog, Nancy of Spiffy Kerms, Jamie of J for Jamie, Latrina of Of Trees and Hues, Ellen of Cannibis Now Magazine, and Nina of Wear Flowers in Your Hair.

Some sponsor love: BuluchuLilikoi Design + Letterpress, 45 Wall Design, Sucre Shop, Sweets Simply, P, Pennie Post, Fiona’s Sweet Shoppe, Xumma Semi-Sweet Cola, Darling Magazine, Ebba, J for Jamie, Tattly.

45 thoughts on “Blog Party / San Francisco, California

  1. it looks so much fun! i’m bummed i couldn’t make it happen. i tried rolling up the party with a weekend trip up there. oh well. next time!

  2. Looks so fun, I’ve never attended one before. They’re usually nowhere near my area (people think Orange County is LA) or it’s super expensive to go.

    1. It was! And the salsas were delicious. I’m a huge sucker for any south of the border type foods. I think it comes with living in California.

  3. this looks like the perfect space and ambience for a blogger meet-up! i’d love to do one of these in my area…just have to find the right spot!

    1. It was my favorite of the whole night. Everything was winding down and we all just stood around talking. Each pane of the windows had the slightest difference in color and it was beautiful.

  4. Hi Jessica! This looks like a total blast. We just moved to SF, like Thursday, sight unseen and I’d love to get involved with the blogger events around town….hoping it’ll make the city seem more intimate 😉 Hopefully I’ll get to run into you at an event or two and if you wouldn’t keeping me in mind if you know of any coming up? Bisous! Annie

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