Breakfast at Ace Hotel / Seattle, Washington

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Søren always has awesome bed head. I hope that all of the moms and moms-in-spirit out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Anyway, I know that I already shared Ace Hotel in Seattle with you but breakfast was my favorite part and deserved a post of it’s own. When I booked this hotel I really liked that it included breakfast (and coffee all day!). Breakfast was a lot better than just your typical stale pastry continental breakfast, It was DIY waffles! There were pre-measured cups of batter and an easy-to-use Belgian waffle machine. It was as easy as pouring in the batter and waiting for the timer. It made mornings a lot easier for us since we didn’t have to go out and find a place to eat with a hungry toddler in tow. Plus in the afternoons, I always made a stop in for my afternoon pick-me-up which always puts a smile on my team-wiking-breakfast-at-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-5team-wiking-breakfast-at-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-6 team-wiking-breakfast-at-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-7 team-wiking-breakfast-at-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-8 team-wiking-breakfast-at-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-9 team-wiking-breakfast-at-ace-hotel-seattle-washington-10

6 thoughts on “Breakfast at Ace Hotel / Seattle, Washington

  1. DIY waffles! What a great idea for a hotel breakfast. So much better than those dry pastries so many hotels serve. I think I know where we’ll be staying when we finally make it to Seattle! I wonder if other Ace Hotels do the same thing?
    Oh, and that first photo of Søren is just magical 🙂

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