Bringing Your Summer Travels Home

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There is always a period of time after school is back in session where I’m excited to have a little more time to myself, but once that passes I seem to go through travel withdrawal. The reality sinks in that we have a routine now and it usually doesn’t include long trips or adventures as a family. This year I’m a little more dedicated to keeping the spirit of our summer travel alive, so I’m devoting a few of my favorite home decor items to doing just that. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite natural home decor items with you, whether it’s inspired by travels to tropical destinations or serene deserts. Check them out below!

Natural Decor Inspired by Summer Travel

Do you like to get home decor inspiration from your travels? What are your favorite items to help bring your summer travels home?

6 thoughts on “Bringing Your Summer Travels Home

  1. Its always nice to have things from travels in your home. We have amazing prints from St. Thomas in our office.

  2. I would love to have any of these pieces in my home as they remind me of the beach and somewhere Tropical which we didn’t get to go to this year! 🙁

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