2018 Blog Plans + Reader Survey

Take my 2018 reader survey and help decide the direction of this blog.

Last year was a rough one for my personal life and sadly it was reflected on my blog as well. While I have help from time to time, this little space of mine is really a one-woman show, so when something happens to me it will directly affect this blog and my presence online. I’m looking forward to a brighter year for 2018 and today I’m sharing my plans for Hej Doll in the New Year.

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Blog Conference, What’s in my Bag?

What's in my bag? See what I bring to attend a blog conference.

Throughout the course of my blogging years, I’ve attended more than a few conferences and one of the biggest topics that comes up is what to pack. While I usually share my clothing packing lists, like what I packed for BlogHer or what I packed for Alt Summit, but you should also consider what to pack in your day bag. Today I’m sharing what to pack in your day bag for a blog conference. These are items that I’ve always made sure to have in my bag while going from keynotes to sessions and beyond at a blog conference.

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What I Learned at Alt Summit

What I learned at Alt Summit

At the end of last month I attended Alt Summit in the beautiful Palm Springs, California. I’ve always made it a point to continue learning, even if I feel like I’m already knowledgable about blogging. The landscape of blogging and social media is continually evolving and there is always new information to absorb. I feel strongly that in order to stay relevant and at the forefront of your craft, you need to continue learning in your field. Today I’m sharing some of my takeaways from Alt Summit in Palm Springs.

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Lessons Learned from Self-Employment

7 Lessons Learned from Self-Employment

It’s been almost a decade since I started my first business. I spent years loving and learning photography, and in 2008, I launched my photography business. Two years later after being featured on Groupon, I was able to quit my full-time day job and replace it with my own photography business, and later on refocus on my blog. I’ve learned so much since then and today I’ve partnered with Capital One to share some lessons I’ve learned in self-employment.

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