I Got Rid of My TV.

I got rid of my TV. - A look at Samsung's new "The Frame" television. It's a TV that functions as art in your home.

This post is sponsored by Samsung.

Just kidding. For years upon years, the biggest struggle I’ve had in our living room is the fact that we own a TV. I’m not a huge TV watcher, but we do enjoy family movie night and my husband and kids watch more often than I do. The TV has always been a huge eyesore in the living room, never quite blending in with the decor, until now. Today I’ve partnered with Samsung to introduce The Frame TV and to share how it blends effortlessly into our living room, as if we don’t even own a TV.

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Indoor Outdoor Living, Hygge for Summer

A modern-tropical California outdoor living Room.

The Danish tradition of Hygge has become a lot more popular in the states this past winter and I’m really excited about it. Having just attended the Swedish Midsummer celebration here, it really reminded me that the concept of hygge and cosiness can also be applied to summertime festivities as well. Today I’m taking some time to share with you how you can relate hygge to indoor outdoor living, and how you can bring some indoor cosiness to your outdoor space for summer parties, entertaining, or just enjoying some time in the outdoors. Living in California means that our ‘outdoor’ season timeframe is quite large. Where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, the climate is quite moderate year-round and we love nothing more than to take advantage of our outdoor space.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide, 10 perfect gifts for any type of fatherly figure in your life.

Father’s day is usually one of the harder gift-giving days to shop for, but this year I feel like I’m on top of it. Today I’ve partnered with my friends over at Amara to share some of my favorite gifts for any type of Dad. From the tech guy to the travel guy, I’ve got plenty of perfect gifts to share.

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