Gardening in a Small Space

Small Space Gardening, 5 tips to help you maximize your garden without a ton of space.

While the spring and warmer weather may have just started making its way into some areas, here in California we start gardening a lot sooner. I started my garden last month and it’s making great progress. This year’s garden is a lot smaller than before since we gave our side yard a makeover. I planted a variety of easy to grow plants that work well in our mild semi-coastal micro-climate. Today I’m sharing my garden’s progress as well as some tips for growing a garden in a smaller space.

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Foraged Florals, Arranging Flowers From Your Yard

Foraged florals, tips for creating a flower arrangement from your yard.

Making flower arrangements is something that brings me lots of joy, and over time I’ve come to realize that buying flowers from the store can not only be expensive but not great for the planet as well. Most flowers are imported from other parts of the world, especially if they are not in season. I’ve come up with an easy and free solution, foraging flowers from my yard! Not only is it easy and free, it encourages me to take better care of my yard and home. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite tips for finding flowers in your own backyard. If you don’t have a yard, don’t worry, I’ll cover that too!

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A Very Green Holiday Season

Tips to decorate with live plants during the Holiday season.

This post is sponsored by World Market.

Decorating for the holidays is one of my favorite times of the year. From getting our Christmas tree to drinking cider and filling the house with sparkles and cheer, it’s all nothing but the best memories for me. One of my other huge loves is plants and flowers, so today I’ve partnered with World Market to combine the love of two and share some easy tips to decorate with live plants this holiday season.

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How to Arrange Perfect Florals

How to arrange perfect florals.

I’ve always loved having and creating floral arrangements but I’ve never taken a formal class on it so when Minted reached out to me with an invitation to a floral workshop at their Minted Local Shop, I was all over it. Like over the moon over it. The class was taught by Heather Lee and I feel like I learned so many things I’d never known before and I can’t wait to put my new information to use. Today I’m sharing what I learned in my floral workshop, so you can have a go at arranging your own florals too.

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