Søren’s Grayscale Bedroom

Home Decor Wishlist, Søren's Grayscale Bedroom

Ever since we moved into our new place, okay, ever since I found out we were going to move into our new place, I’ve been dreaming up ways to decorate it. Now that we’re settled in with our own things, I’ve been making a home decor wishlist using secret pin boards (via Pinterest) for each room that I want to update. Today I’m sharing my dream for a grayscale bedroom.

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Thoughts on Downsizing

Personal Thoughts on Downsizing

Last year if you had asked me if I wanted to move to a smaller space my answer would have been, “No”. A firm one. Our office was in our closet, how much smaller could we really go? With two boys and two dogs I never really pictured us in a smaller space, but here we are! Today I’m sharing some of my thoughts on downsizing before, during, and after our move to a smaller space. And no, I’m not talking about the movie.

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Sneak Peek of Our New Home

Our new home

Here’s a little peek at what our new place looks like. After spending 4 days looking at 3 homes, applying for 2, and accepting 1, I feel very lucky to have found a new place so quickly, especially over a holiday weekend. It’s a lot more updated than our current place so there are some benefits, but I still have a very special place in my heart for our current home.

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