How to Deal With Unwanted Gifts

What to do With Unwanted Gifts

After the holidays I am usually filled-to-the-brim with love in the form of items that bring me joy, but I’m also focused on cleaning and starting fresh for the new year. One item that doesn’t quite fit in either of those categories is unwanted gifts. I receive them, and I know you probably did too. Knowing that I am notoriously hard to shop for, I don’t usually hold it against the gift-giver. I do though, not hold onto gifts I receive that do not bring me joy. Perhaps it was a well-meaning gift from a long-lost relative, or just a miss from someone closer, it’s okay.

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Fall Declutter Checklist

Fall Declutter Checklist, free printable and tips for cleaning the clutter for the Fall season.

I know that so many people are huge fans of Spring cleaning, but if I’m being real I need more than one season to clean and clear the clutter from my house. My declutter season is basically every single day of the year, not just in spring. It always helps for me to make a list at the start, then work my way down it so that I can keep track of the progress I’m making, and actually make progress instead of taking my sweet time. In case you can’t tell by my massive closet cleanout, I’ve started in on my Fall declutter checklist and can’t wait to finish it up. Today I’m sharing a free printable and 10 simple tips you can use or alter for your routine and home.

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