Create a Capsule Wardrobe for Kids

Back to School Capsule for Kids - A free downloadable worksheet to help you create the perfect back to school capsule wardrobe.

With summer coming to a close soon and back to school on the horizon I’ve been thinking a lot about the tradition of back to school shopping. Sometimes it’s hard to think about creating a minimal closet for yourself, let alone a child. My older son has recently taken an interest in shopping for clothing so I devised an activity to do with him to help him define what he likes. Today I’m sharing that with you, along with a free downloadable back to school capsule worksheet. The worksheet will help you define what your child likes and their exact needs for a back to school capsule or even year-round wardrobe.

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Mommy and Me, Spring at Central Park

Mommy and Me Outfit, Spring at Central Park

I’m Wearing Cuyana Rust-colored Linen Sweater, Lou & Grey Slouchy Skinny Jeans in Ecro (similar by Madewell), Veja Esplar Sneakers. Søren is wearing Zara Button-neck Top in white, Zara White Twill TrousersChestnut Brown Boots by Pèpè, c/oMunchkin et Moi.

Recently we celebrated my little one’s 5th birthday. Fifth! I can’t believe he’s five already, it seemed like we had his first birthday only yesterday. If you caught any of it on my instastories, the theme was loosely based on the book The Little Gardener by Emily Hughes. He’s been really into dressing up and doing things “like mommy” lately, especially the hair in the pony tail bit. He’s been trying to grow it out just like one of his friends. With Mother’s Day around the corner I thought it would be cute to do another Mommy and Me outfit post like we did on Goat Island during a trip to Oahu. Plus, I just love having photos with him while he’s still shorter than me (ha!).

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Drink Good, Do Good, Feel Good.

Naked #DrinkGoodDoGood

This post is sponsored by Naked Juice.

Growing up in California my whole life has had it’s perks. I know that I’ve been afforded the ability to purchase very readily available fresh produce at my fingertips. Now that I’m an adult and raising children of my own, it’s very important to me that not only do my kids appreciate what they have available, they realize that not everyone in the world has access to fresh food. Part of making sure they appreciate what they have available is by showing them where their food comes from. We keep a Summer garden, and often take trips to local farms and U-Pick places. In these photos, we made it out to a U-pick strawberry farm just before the end of Summer.

While at the farm, I made sure to remind them how lucky they are to be able to do this, and how for many people, access to fresh produce is very limited, if they have any at all. I don’t feel like it’s commonly known that nearly 30 million Americans live in such food deserts, without access to affordable, quality, fresh produce. Today I’ve partnered with Naked Juice to share an easy way for you to help these people. They are partnering with Wholesome Wave to provide fresh produce to people in food deserts through their #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign. On top of a 250,000-pound starter contribution, Naked Juice is donating an additional 10 pounds† of produce to communities in need when you post a fruit or veggie selfie with the hashtag #DrinkGoodDoGood. To learn more, visit

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Ethical Baby & Kids’ Clothing

Neve | Hawk in San Anselmo, California

Photos by Kate Skogen for Neve | Hawk.

When I began to care, to really care where clothing comes from and how it was made, was when I was pregnant with my second child, Søren. It was different for me at that point. I thought more about the fabrics that would touch his tiny body and if they contained chemicals or bad juju of any sort and strived to buy only baby and kids clothing that makes me feel good about shopping, that made me feel good to have those near my baby.

Needless to say my thoughts on feel good clothing have since expanded to include my wardrobe, and dressing my older son as well. It’s a process, a particularly long process, but along the way I’ve discovered so many small and heartfelt feel good brands for baby & kids made by small companies and makers all over the world and today I’d love to share my favorites with you.

Shop Feel Good Baby & Kids:

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