How to Stay Calm and Declutter

How to stay calm and declutter your home.

My Spring Cleaning is in full swing, and I can’t help but feel the pressure to declutter and simplify our house even more than before. I started a little earlier this year with lots of decorating projects under my belt and I have to admit that I’ve felt overwhelmed with trying to get it all done. It’s so hard to lose your motivation when you feel like you are drowning in a never-ending sea of clutter, so today I’m sharing some real progress and after photos of my Spring clean out, along with some of my best tips for how to stay calm and declutter.

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How to Care for Sweaters

How to care for sweaters

Cuyana Alpaca Cape, Tiger of Sweden Linen Sweater, Community V-Neck Wool Dress

As silly as it sounds, January in California means real winter. There is rain predicted in the forecast for 2 weeks straight and it finally feels cold. We’ve been in a severe drought so while part of me wants to miss the sunshine, I have to say I’m welcoming all of this water with arms wide open. Since this means I’m living in my warm sweaters, I’m taking some time today to share what I look for when buying, and how I take care of my sweaters.

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The Right Intimates for a Minimal Closet

How to choose the right intimates for a minimal closet

This post is sponsored by ThirdLove.

The other day I started my year-end closet cleaning, and really started getting into details. I cleaned out various drawers and was fine until I came to my intimates drawer. How on earth did I accumulate so many bras and underwear? I pulled everything out and came to realize that I really only wear and love a few pieces. After careful thought, I narrowed them down to just the necessities, and today I’ve partnered with ThirdLove to share how you can figure out which of your intimates are necessities as well.

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