Guide to Ring Road, 10 Day Drive Around Iceland

Guide to Ring Road in Iceland

Last month we spent 10 days driving around the beautiful highway 1 in Iceland. It’s more famous nickname is Ring Road, because it spans (for the most part) the outer ring of the island. Before leaving the airport, we picked up a pre-paid sim card (with data) to use in my husband’s unlocked iPhone (it’s not special, but purchased directly from Apple, not a carrier like AT&T). He swapped the sims out and we had enough data to get us all the way around the island. We broke our days up into an average of 3 hours drive time for each day, and spent lots of other time exploring and stopping along the way.

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Guide to Amsterdam

Guide to Amsterdam, 15 awesome things to do as told by a local.

For quite some time now I’ve wanted to work on more city guides, but feel like it’s hard without actually going to every place myself. Lucky for me, I’ve made some wonderful friends during my travels who live in amazing places, so today I’ve teamed up with one of my closest friends to share a hip guide to Amsterdam. She knows my style and taste well and thought these places would be a great addition to my City Guide series. I hope one day to take a trip to Amsterdam to see them all myself.

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