Grand Cayman Travel Guide

Grand Cayman Travel Guide, things to eat, drink, see, and do on the island of Grand Cayman

Last year I had the opportunity to visit Grand Cayman. It was beautiful and everyone there was so friendly. As a whole they refer to it as Caymankind. While I was there I don’t think I had a single second of downtime. There was so much I wanted to enjoy, and although I didn’t get to see everything I would have liked to, today I’m finally sharing some of my favorites in a Grand Cayman Travel Guide.

Keep reading to see them all!

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The Ritz-Carlton in Grand Cayman

Pina Colada at Bar Jack at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman

I’m starting something new when it comes to my reviews. Since I am not fond of straightforward reviews that provide the same information that you could find elsewhere, I’m going to try to dig a little deeper and provide some more intimate details of the places I visit. I’m calling these posts “Snapshots“, and ultimately they will be a deeper look into the heart of a place I stay, eat at, or visit.

My stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Grand Cayman was everything that it was supposed to be, down to every last detail. The staff was friendly, and my ocean view room was impeccable. The hotel is nicknamed the “Sand Castle” for it’s neutral coloring and tower shaped roof.

At Bar Jack, on the magnificent 7 Mile Beach, I had the best Piña Colada in my life. I also had the Bar Jack sliders, and as a self-named connoisseur of finer burgers, I was impressed.

During Hurricane Joaquin, heaps of seaweed washed ashore on Seven Mile Beach. The staff kept apologizing and telling me that the beach was not normally in that shape. I believe them, but always had to giggle at how apologetic they were about it. You can’t fight Mother Nature.

There is a shoe rack along the path at the edge of the beach. The sand is powdery and warm. Lots of little crabs almost invisible when against the white sand scurry about. They seem to move based on vibrations from the ground, so if you’re really quiet and careful you can get close to them.

The grounds were of course, immaculate. The official tree of Grand Cayman is the Silver Thatch Palm, named for the silvery underside of it’s leaves. These trees became my favorites quickly and now serve as a fond reminder of my trip there.

George is one of the cats who is lucky enough to live at the Ritz-Carlton. He likes to stay in the pool area and at one point I even spotted him lounging in a chair. He’s very friendly and is not shy to ask for attention. I sat on the sidewalk and showed him a little love, he reminded me of my butterball cow-cat at home.

But perhaps the most breath-taking, and my personal favorite of all about staying here is being able to witness the sunset from my room, or from the beach in front of the hotel. Sunset over the teal waters was nothing sort of amazing.

And of course, who could forget a good sunrise too? The morning before I flew out I was treated to some pastel colors over the water as well.Sunrise on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman

What sorts of little details do you look out for in a place to stay? What do you like best? What turns you off completely?

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Stingray City, Cayman Islands Boat Trip

Stingray in Grand Cayman

The weather on my trip to the Cayman Islands was not too cooperative, but to my delight the yacht to Stingray City hadn’t been cancelled. Stingray City is a group of sand bars located in Grand Cayman’s north sound. Decades ago fisherman would clean their catch in the shallow water and Southern Stingrays would hang around for the food. Now they associate the sound of a boat with food and happily hang out with anyone who visits in the hope of receiving a treat.

As we left Camana Bay Harbor, we passed through a sound lined with trees that hung low over the water. To my surprise, Iguanas prefer to bask in the sun in the branches and I was able to get very close to some of the scaly little (huge) dudes that I’d been chasing most of the trip.

Venturing into open waters, a Sun Dog (halo) appeared around the sun. The captain said it happens when the moisture in the air is just right to form a full circle rainbow around the sun. They’re not easy to spot with a naked eye, but with sunglasses are more evident. And not every Sun Dog is the same, if you are standing right next to someone you will both see something different.

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Horseback Riding on the Beach

Riding horses on the beach in Grand Cayman

I grew up around horses, and although I don’t get to ride much today, horseback riding is still one of my favorite activities. On a recent trip to the Cayman Islands I was invited to go for a ride on the beach, how could I say no? I didn’t.

The drive to the horses was peaceful, the town seemed smaller away from the resort. I’m told that the house above is well over 100 years old, and is a traditional Caymanian style home. When we arrive, Detroit is waiting for me. I stopped for a second to look at his friend with different colored eyes on my way over.

The weather was gloomy, Hurricane Joaquin loomed in the distance. We began our ride and the rain started to fall. It was a light and was a welcomed cool down in the humidity. We headed for the beach, but didn’t make it far before lightening struck and rain poured in the distance. We decided it was better to head back and stay safe in case one of the horses were spooked. Or, even worse, we found out what it’s like to be the tallest person on the beach.

After we rode back to the stables we showed the horses some love and called it a day.

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