Hotel Laki, our First Night in Iceland

Hotel Laki near Kirkjubæjarklaustur in Southern Iceland

After traveling for a whole day, it felt a little crazy to rent a car and start driving just a couple of hours after we landed, but I’m still glad we did. The first night we spent in Iceland was a few hours from the airport in Keflavik, at Hotel Laki. We arrived later in the afternoon, and we were all exhausted and happy to be able to check in for the night. The rooms were wonderful, with a view of the land leading up to the coastline.

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Driving Ring Road, Northern Iceland

Ring road in Iceland, Northern span

Even though the moon rose around midnight, the sun never fully set on the marshmallow farm in eastern Iceland. Our GPS signal cut out quite a bit and reverted to an older system as we made our way back toward Ring Road. We must have been spoiled to be the one of the only cars on the road up until then, because it felt a little bittersweet to come back to it.

As we drove north-east the scenery quickly began to change. The plants and greenery became less and less, and we even came across less sheep running across the road in front of us. The ground became more red-colored and the sun shown an enormous halo around itself.

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Drone Photography 101

Drone Aerial Photography 101

It’s no secret that many of the images featured on my blog are photos from a drone. Since 2010, my husband has been around drones. He’s designed, built, flown, and raced drones as a major hobby. Over the years we’ve learned quite a bit about drones and their evolving role as a fun and useful tool for all kinds of people. I often get asked questions about the drone photos I feature on my instagram and blog, so today I thought it would be fun to share some basic information for those who want to get into drone photography.

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