The Doors You Don’t See

That Pink Door - A Non-Colorful Palm Springs Door Tour

During my last trip to Palm Springs, my friend Sally and I were determined to go on our own Palm Springs door tour. Obviously I’m referring to “That Pink Door”, and all of the other brightly colored doors belonging to the mid-century modern houses. While Sally was after something more bright, I was a lot more appreciative of the doors that weren’t brightly colored. I loved all of the doors that added a certain charm without taking away from the beautiful architecture. Today I’m simply sharing some of my favorites.

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How to Not Look Like A Tourist in San Francisco

California's Highway 1 Road Trip Travel Guide

Often when I travel, I try to avoid the typical tourist look. Not only does it help me to enjoy the city more as a local when I travel, but it helps to keep those who may prey on tourists away as well. I find that usually when I visit the more popular places in San Francisco there are some definite things that make people stick out as a tourist. I’ve consulted with a bunch of my local friends about how to blend in, and today I’m sharing a few of those tips with you.

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Mecca Hills Painted Canyon Ladder Hike

Mecca Hills Painted Canyon Ladder Hike near Palm Springs and Coachella Valley, California

After attending Alt Summit, my friend Sally and I spent an extra day in the Palm Springs area. One of our major bucket-list items was to do the Ladder Canyon hike at Mecca Hills Recreation Area. It was quite a drive from our hotel in Palm Springs, estimated around 40 minutes. The drive went by quickly and we soon found ourselves driving for miles on an unpaved desert road. Once we arrived, we headed off into the canyon, only to figure out that we went into the ropes canyon instead of the ladders.

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