Pack for the Bahamas

Pink Sand Beach, in the Bahamas

Travel Light - Pack for the Bahamas. 20 items, 10 outfits, 1 carry-on.

1. Ilia Lip Conditioner & Beauty Balm / 2. Illesteva Mask Sunglasses / 3. Mizuki Pearl & Diamond Ring / 4. Melissa Joy Manning Herkimer Diamond Earrings / 5. Banana Leaf Passport Cover / 6. Eugenia Kim Hat / 7. Marysia Santa Barbara One-Shoulder Swimsuit / 8. Dolce & Gabbana Banana Leaf Swimsuit / 9. Everlane Grey Silk Camisole / 10. Cuyana Black Camisole / 11. Saint James Striped Tee / 12. Madewell Lacy White Top / 13. Crêped Pants (on sale! similar by American Apparel) / 14. Miguelina White Linen Culottes / 15. Melissa Odabash Navy Off the Shoulder Dress / 16. Distressed Denim Skirt / 17. Soeur Valise Straw Tote / 18. Melissa Sauce Waterproof Sandals / 19. M.Gemi The Attorno Low-heeled Sandals / 20. Rimowa Silver Carry-On Suitcase

This travel light packing list is for a place I’ve long added to my travel wishlist. I know it can be pretty touristy, but I’m sure there are some off-the-path places to check out as well. Between the pink-sand beaches and turquoise waters, I’m not sure what I’m more in love with. It all looks so dreamy!

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Fall Packing List on a Budget

Winding country road during the fall in North Carolina, USA

Fall packing list on a budget. 20 items, 10 outfits, 1 carry on, at a price that you can afford! Every item under $50.

1. Bare Minerals Generation Nude Radiant Lipstick in Xox, Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Icon / 2. Stylish Sunglasses / 3. Floppy Felted Wool Hat (on sale!) / 4. Sole Society Thalia Grey Crossbody Bag / 5. Natural White V-Neck Camisole / 6. Black Jersey T-Shirt / 7. Sincerely Jules Dream Often T-Shirt / 8. Black Chiffon Button Blouse / 9. Flannel Plaid Shirt / 10. Lyocell Olive Utility Shirt / 11. Fine-Knit Tan Sweater / 12. Fine Knit Sweater Dress  / 13. Padded Parka / 14. Wool-Blend Sweater Jacket ($129, sorry!) / 15. Skinny Dark Denim / 16. Coated Skinny Jeans  / 17. Steet Level Crossbody Tote  / 18. Rubber Rain Boots / 19. Low-Cut Ankle Boots / 20. White Athletic Sneakers

When I think about taking a trip during the Fall season, it involves a lot of full-colored leaves. Here in California, we don’t get to enjoy a full-seasoned Fall. It usually happens very quickly and by the time the leaves begin to drop, they’re all on the ground. We’ve had trees in our own yard hold out until January to turn, and by then they’re on the ground anyway. So today I am sharing a Fall packing list on a budget, to bring me a little more Fall feeling. I’d imagine this would be perfect for a Fall trip somewhere along the North-Eastern coast, like Maine. All items are under $50 except for the sweater jacket, which I couldn’t bring myself to leave out.

My favorite items from this list are the Padded Parka (it’s so bright for me!), and the bare minerals generation nude lip color. They sent over some for me and I’m in love with the matte finish liquid lipcolor in Icon, as well as the lipstick in Xox. They’re both perfect shades for me for the Fall season.

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How to Pack Beauty Goodies

Travel Light: How to pack your beauty goodies, in a carry-on.

One of my biggest problems when I travel light, is that I also have to include all of my extras like liquids, tools, and beauty products. You’d be amazed at how much space they take up in a suitcase, but if you plan ahead you can minimize their impact on your space. Today I’m sharing how exactly I pack my beauty goodies so they are organized and take up a little less space so I have room for more items that count (like shoes, ha!).

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