Fewer Better Fall Travel Essentials

Fall travel essentials - 7 of my favorite items for fall and holiday travel.

With fall in full swing, I’ve been thinking a lot about travel during this transitional time and how I start to yearn for more warm and cozy comforts when I travel. I love snuggling up into a warm sweater, scarf, or blanket whether it’s on my couch at home or during a flight. Since their fewer better mantra has resonated with me so much, today I’m sharing a few of my fall travel essentials from one of my favorite brands, Cuyana.

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Get Better Sleep When You Travel

How to get better sleep while you travel, 5 tips to help beat jet lag from a seasoned traveler.

As I get older, I notice that my ability to get proper sleep while I travel is slowly diminishing. Whether it’s jet lag or simple restlessness, I always find myself unable to sleep at night, on planes, or waking up at odd hours. It’s been rough. I reached out to my instagram followers during my trip to Paris asking for help with battling jet lag, so today I’m sharing some of their thoughts about how to battle jet lag, and what worked (or didn’t work) for me, along with some of my own insight into how to get more sleep when you travel.

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A Very Carmel Anniversary

This post is sponsored by Hyatt Carmel Highlands.

Every year when our anniversary rolls around I think about a million different gifts or gestures that I could do to try to show my appreciation for the wonderful husband that I have. I think about the years that we’ve spent together, both married and unmarried, and I’m so thankful that I’ve had him as a partner in life for over a decade now. This year I chose to return to the places we spent the best day of our life at, and today I’m sharing it all with you, from packing to adventuring and beyond.

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Tips for Visiting a Theme Park

6 Tips for How to Survive a Theme Park

This post is sponsored by Kia Motors.

I’ve been to a few theme parks in my day, and one thing I know is they are a lot like travel. You might lose a hairband, you might get sick, and you’ll probably be hungry. Today I’ve partnered with Kia Motors and Six Flags to share my best tips for how to survive a theme park, from planning ahead, to packing, to finding ways to make the park seem less crowded.

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