Conversations With a 4 Year Old


Every now and then, and usually at dinner Aiden will have these spurts of “wisdom”, we shall call it. Conversations with a 4 year old are so funny sometimes. Really it is his imagination running wild and it likes cheap mlb jerseys to do that quite often. What you are about to see, are real wholesale jerseys snippets of conversations with a four year old.

Me: “Aiden what do aliens look like?”

Aiden: “Like this with a head (see image).”

Aiden: “Mommy I wish there was a ????? hand that was in the stove”

Me: “Oh, what kind of hand?”

Aiden: “A robot hand so wholesale jerseys it could bring our food to us.”

Aiden: “Mommy what happens when you touch hot lava?”

Me: “You burn. It’s hot.”

Aiden: “But not metal right Mommy? Metal Cambrian can go in hot lava?”

Me: “No, metal melts when it goes The in hot lava.”

Aiden: “No it doesn’t!”

Aiden: “I want to build a big vacuum!”

Me: “A big vacuum? Really?”

Aiden: “Yes and it will vacuum the house!”

Me: “What about Sparky(Roomba)?”

Aiden: “Sparky is too small.”

Me: TickSniper “Oh, I see.”

Aiden: “And on my vacuum it will have a cheap nba jerseys mixer for a head.”

Me: “Wouldn’t that make it a robot instead?”

Aiden: “No Punishing it’s a vacuum!”

Aiden: “Mommy my T-Rex is in here.”

Me: “What T-Rex? You have a T-Rex? Isn’t he too big for the house?”

Aiden: “No, he cheap jerseys is crawling.”

Me: “Is he a nice T-Rex because I don’t know if I can have a mean T-Rex in my house.”

Aiden: “Yes he is nice.”

Aiden: “Mommy my T-Rex is going to bite you!”

Me: “I thought you said he was nice!!”

Aiden: “Oh he is. He’s just hungry.”

So as you see our conversations are pretty interesting, especially around the dinner table. And especially when his invisible T-Rex is present. Anyone with kids knows that this saying is pretty accurate,”Kids say the darndest things”.

One thought on “Conversations With a 4 Year Old

  1. LOL, the last one is the awesomest…what a nice T-Rex

    p.s. I’m going to the museum next week to see the dinosaurssssssss. I’m also 4 yrs old.

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