Fall Desert Style

here-wear-mojave-california-1 here-wear-mojave-california-2 here-wear-mojave-california-3

I knew it was going to be hot in the desert, so I opted for a very light dress, but added a wool hat and perforated oxfords to add a couple of touches for fall. Unfortunately I lost these sunglasses during this trip. We searched forever and couldn’t find them. I hope their new owner enjoys all of their glory. As always, outfit details are below.

here-wear-mojave-california-5 here-wear-mojave-california-6 here-wear-mojave-california-7 here-wear-mojave-california-8

31 thoughts on “Fall Desert Style

  1. Ooo hey that’s a new font at the end of the post there – adventure awaits. The lighting in these…ahhh, so perfect. Is that sunset? Idk, I can’t tell…

  2. Love your photos as always!!! I just actually saw those glasses on a guy I met yesterday! Someone had stepped on his and he glued them back together!!! He loved them sooo much!!! They look great on you and so does that whole loook!!!!

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