First day of Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten started for Aiden today. I managed to snap a few photos even though I have to drop him off fairly early so I can make it to work on time. He hates when I do his hair in the morning, hence the smashingly hot ‘do. Doesn’t he look so cool in his shades?

First day of Junior KindergartenWelcome to Kindergarten

He seemed a little apprehensive when I first dropped him off, but forced a smile for the photo anyway. I wasn’t too worried since he spent most of the summer here for camp. I signed him upe early not only because I needed childcare for work, but because I wanted him to be able to make friends at his new school before the school year starts.

When I returned to pick him up later that afternoon he was extremely happy about his day and chattered about it on the way home. I think he’s really going to love it at this new school. It’s pretty close to our house too, so I’m excited about being able to walk to get him if I want to.

The Blue Room, First day of Junior Kindergarten Class

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