Printable Outfit Planner

Free Printable Outfit Planner

Do you remember when I shared this printable travel checklist? It’s nice to have if you know what clothes you are already packing, but what if you don’t? Today I’m sharing a printable outfit planner you can use to plan outfits for a trip, or week by week in your normal wardrobe. Click here, or on the image below to download the PDF version. If you are having trouble, selecting “Save Link As” might be a better option. For best results, the PDF should be printed at A5 size.

Free Printable Packing ListDo you plan your travel outfits out ahead of time, or while you’re packing? I always lay mine out on my bed according to the days we will be on the go and find it helps me streamline my packing.


22 thoughts on “Printable Outfit Planner

  1. I always write down my outfits for vacation. It makes me so much less stressful to know what to wear and what to pack. This is a lot prettier than my normal handwritten list.

  2. I love this! I always seem to pack a ton of clothing, only to get to my destination and find that nothing goes together! It’s infuriating. Now, if I set my mind to being more organized, I could totally make use of this planner …

  3. I love this for trips or normal weeks where I want to make sure my wardrobe has enough variety! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You go, girl! I am so happy and surprised that someone thought of this. I have created so many tags with the days of the week to get my closet in shape. This is great.! Thanks. I’ll tweak it a little. …just going to add my pic to it later. Then I’ll have a file of my closet. There’s a golden nugget for ya! Keep writing.

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