Lakeside Weekend Outfit

here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-1 here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-2 here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-3 here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-4Clubmaster Sunglasses / Black Gingham Shirt / Rust Rolled Chinos / Green Espadrille Sneakers

After the thunderstorm moved along, the weather was beautiful in Tahoe. The cooler nights kept the days in the 70’s, my favorite. I like this outfit because it hides a swimsuit well (used a different cover-up while at the beach), and also that it looks nice enough to wear out and about.

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here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-5 here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-6

32 thoughts on “Lakeside Weekend Outfit

  1. There is nothing more perfect in my opinion than a nice, light flannel for the lake. I wear a navy gingham one with everything when I make trips to the waterside. You look brilliant in all of these photos! And it sounds like you are having a lovely time. I’m glad the weather is cooperating! 🙂

    The What’s In Between

  2. Just so you know, if your blog is found liable for forcing me to take a vacation, I’m holding you responsible. But seriously, your photos are always so beautiful. I want to have a bonfire now. On a beach. A REAL ONE.

  3. So jealous! It’s like 1000 degrees in Florida right now. I’m hiding in the AC all day.

    I love the combo and those shoes look so comfortable!

  4. You are TOO adorable – and this seems like the perfect outfit for a transition to fall! Beautiful photos my dear – Tahoe really is gorgeous 🙂

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