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I don’t normally update my blog on the weekend, but I’m at BlogHer 2014 and wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Jessica Doll and I’m a photographer and travel blogger. I live in the South San Francisco Bay Area, California. My family and I travel quite often and I am inspired by all things travel. I hope to also inspire other families and travelers to travel often and travel light. Team Wiking started as a way to update our far-away families but has evolved into a way for me to document our adventures at home and abroad.

If you are at BlogHer and see me, feel free to come ask for a San Jose City Guide or just read my blog post. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, whether you’re a new reader, or someone who has been reading for awhile.

Our most recent trip was an Alaskan Cruise.
team-wiking-alaskan-cruise-stateroom-mini-suite-tour-star-princess-12 team-wiking-day-4-ketchikan-alaskan-cruise-3team-wiking-juneau-alaska-2-21 team-wiking-alaska-cruise-day-7-glacier-bay-3

My personal favorite so far was to Copenhagen, Denmark.
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We also really love our California beaches.
team-wiking-seacliff-beach-aptos-california-20 team-wiking-california-beach-series-twin-lakes-beach-santa-cruz-ca-1

Reader Favorites
1. Alaskan Cruise Review
2. Travel Light Alaskan Cruise
3. San Jose / BlogHer City Guide

Travel Light Series
I love to travel light, which is why I only take a carry on for trips of any duration. I have a monthly feature about it:

travel-light-alaskan-cruise-what-to-pack travel-light-blogher

52 Weeks Series
This is a weekly project that documents my boys that I started at the beginning of the year and is more personal to me:
team-wiking-victoria-vancouver-island-british-colombia-canada-7 team-wiking-natural-bridges-santa-cruz-california-6

House Tour
Our adventures at home usually take place at our house, where we feel pretty comfortable:
team-wiking-house-tour-living-room-6 team-wiking-blog-shared-boys-room-update-3

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Happy Weekend!

34 thoughts on “Hi There! Are you new here?

  1. I dream of being a blog traveler but honestly I have no idea how people can afford it. I wish someone could tell me how they do it. Oh well, hope someday soon I will be blessed enough to travel the world. Thanks for sharing.

    1. While some have most trips sponsored, the majority of ours right now are not. We just really love to travel. We definitely have to make it a priority with our money, just like anything else that people really love. And I think that travel isn’t just about where you go, it’s about the experience. Some of our best trips have been in our own backyard (locally).

  2. Man, I really need to learn how to travel lighter, but I usually go to Germany for the whole summer, so it’s hard to pack light when you’re gone for almost 3 months. I’ve gotta do it somehow though because I always end up shopping and end up with even more stuff to bring back! I’ll definitely try your tips though:)

    1. I think if you go with a minimal wardrobe you’ll have enough pieces to mix and match all summer. Maybe I’ll do a post about long-term travel. 🙂

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