House Tour: Living Room

team-wiking-house-tour-living-room-1 team-wiking-house-tour-living-room-2

A few things have changed since I took these photos

  • changed the coffee table out for one that isn’t lower than the couch
  • swapped the rug out for the one that was in the boy’s old room
  • moved the nightstand/side table from our old bedroom
  • added a new throw pillow, and another fur
  • moved all the toys to the boy’s new room

team-wiking-house-tour-living-room-4 team-wiking-house-tour-living-room-5 team-wiking-house-tour-living-room-6I feel more settled in this room now than I used to. The table is more functional, and the space feels a little more grown up. I always like to have fresh flowers around to brighten up the room. Søren is almost at the age where he will leave them alone. At least he isn’t digging in the fiddle-leaf fig pot anymore. I think the rug could be a tiny bit larger, and I really want to add a side chair or two to add more guest seating, and to bring the room full circle, it’s just a really odd shape.


Tufted Leather Chair / Matte Urchin Objects / Organic Knit Blanket / Paulistano Armchair

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