House Tour: Master Bedroom

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When we traded rooms with the boys, I knew that comparing measurements, our bed would fit into their smaller room but it wasn’t until it was actually in there that I realized how tight of a squeeze it would be. We opted to tuck it away into the corner to allow a better flow for the space. It makes it easier to access the closet and such. Even though their closet was larger than ours, I added the dresser so that I’d have a little more storage for my clothes and we kept our under bed storage as well. It doesn’t really bother us much to not have direct access to a bathroom.

I feel like aside from adding a couple of photos above our bed, possibly painting, and maybe adding a full length mirror next to or where the plant is, the room is pretty complete. I have also been lusting over a Pia Wallen cross blanket as well, but I think I’ll get into trouble if I add any more throw blankets to my collection.

9 thoughts on “House Tour: Master Bedroom

  1. You and throw blankets, me and baskets and storage boxes. Love the style of your master bedroom. I see no clutter. Anywhere. Love that you can just relax in there.

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