How to Make Perfect S’Mores

Years ago when Steve and I first started dating, he took me to Ocean Beach in San Francisco for a bonfire with his friends. It was romantic and the weather was perfect, but what I really took away from it was how to make perfect s’mores. Thanks to one of his friends, that evening changed my S’mores making life forever. Today, I’m sharing how to make perfect s’mores with you.
Perfect Smores Method
Perfect Smores Method Perfect Smores Method Perfect Smores Method Perfect Smores Method Perfect Smores Method



  1. Prep your ingredients. Open marshmallows, size graham crackers, and break apart chocolate.
  2. Cut or tear a piece of foil large enough to wrap around your graham cracker. It should be roughly 3x the length and about an inch wider on each side.
  3. Set two graham crackers side by side on the foil
  4. Add the marshmallows, then chocolate to one side, then the marshmallows. I used smaller marshmallows this time so the melt more evenly.
  5. Close the s’more and fold both sides of the foil over and twist the ends of the foil so it stays closed.
  6. Add to the fire (or put in oven) just on the edge of the open flame.
  7. Flip over after a few minutes, then after a few more check doneness by smooshing the top down. If it seems squishy, it might be done.
  8. Remove from heat and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, just know they are very messy (and delicious).

Perfect Smores Method

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