Inspired / Alaskan Cruise


1. Alaska Plate / 2. Wave Pouch / 3. Anchor Stationery / 4. Rough Seas Blanket / 5. Bears Tee / 6. Forest Pillow / 7. Sea Salt Candle / 8. Orca Sleeping Bag / 9. Bear Box / 10. Striped Passport Case / 11. Ship Desk Organizer

25 thoughts on “Inspired / Alaskan Cruise

  1. I would say that sums up my experience in Alaska perfectly . I especially love the bear box and bear shirt. We saw a TON of bears while in Alaska. Loved it : )

  2. I love all of these items and I’ve been enjoying your photos of your trip. They are so beautiful. I am wondering though if you would do a cruise again or if you would choose a different way to explore it in the future.

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