Just Married! I’m Officially Mrs. Doll

Just married! I am officially Mrs. Doll now. Everything was so perfect, like a dream.

Just Married

Photo taken at China Cove by Tom Vo of Accolade Photography. (Update: I’ve shared all of our photos in this post.)

Right now we are still away and still enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer. I had never been to Kauai and now love it. Jessica has never been to Hawaii and had her doubts before coming here but now sees why I love it too. I am sure we will be back.

The sunsets on Kauai are amazing:


4 thoughts on “Just Married! I’m Officially Mrs. Doll

  1. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Perfect! I’ve seen some of your wedding day photos and you looked stunning.

    I am so happy for you. I’m glad that your wedding day was as awesome as you wanted. Hope you had fun on your honeymoon. I’m so happy for you Jes!!!

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