Tee Ball Game & End of Season Party

Aiden’s last Tee Ball game and after party was today. My grandparents and a few others were able to come to watch his last tee ball game. Aiden did so well in it even though it was very warm today and not comfortable for even those of us watching. I can’t imagine standing in the field in the heat and being able to focus. I’m always a proud mama either way.

Afterwards we went to the pizza place (with air conditioning, yay!) for pizza, trophies, and cupcakes. The cupcakes were so adorable, they each featured a photo of the child (so Aiden was on one) and they were stood up like a little cutout. They were delicious too of course. I’m pretty sure that Aiden enjoyed the cupcake more than the trophy and it certainly shows in the photos. I’m very proud of him. Tee Ball has been about four times better than Soccer was this season, but I’m not sure that we’ll do it again.

Tee Ball game and pizza party Tee Ball game and pizza party Aiden adorable in his tee ball uniform Aiden running the bases Adorable sports cupcakes with stand out of player Aiden with his trophy

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