Molly Moon’s Ice Cream / Seattle, Washington

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Since everyone recommended it so much, we made a stop at Molly Moon’s Ice Cream. The location we visited was in the Pike/Pine area of Seattle, Washington. In true Seattle fashion, we walked there from the waterfront in the misty-drizzly weather. Aiden opted for the Strawberry and I got the Honey Lavendar flavor. It was delicious and Søren kept coming back to me to say, “Peez?” for another bite. How can you say no to that? It was cold and wet and Søren was not happy, so we wimped out and took an Über back to the hotel.

5 thoughts on “Molly Moon’s Ice Cream / Seattle, Washington

  1. Love the photos! I worked at Molly Moon’s for a little over 6 months when I first moved out to Seattle last summer. Such a fun place to work, and free ice cream never gets old! 🙂

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