Ring Bearer Outfit, For My Sweet Aiden

Isn’t he cute? I was testing the ring bearer outfit out, and I wanted cute spring photos of him. The suit is Cubavera, the polo is Ralph Lauren, and the shoes are Converse. This is basically one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken of him. It took several tries to get the jumping part right, but we finally did. I’m glad he has so much energy at 7 in the morning when we took this photo.

I don’t know if he knows what being a ring bearer means, or wearing a special ring bearer outfit, but I’ve tried to explain it to him the best that I could. I’m just really happy and excited to have him be a part of our special day. We’re a family, after all.

Ring Bearer Outfit

Yes, he’s jumping. Yes, he’s mine. And yes, I took this. 🙂

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