Our Wedding Invitations

I’m excited to share what our wedding invitations will look like today. They are creme with dark navy and blush pink colors. The illustration was purchased and the font is called Feel Script. The rest of the paper type stuff from the wedding will follow the same theme. Since I only need a few, we thought it would just be easier to do them ourselves. They read:


A picture-perfect wedding
isn’t caught on film,
it’s captured in the heart.

Please join us as we celebrate
with heartfelt joy
our wedding day.

June 10th, 2009
XX in the evening

Highlands Inn
Highland Drive
Carmel Highlands, California

Please note that the background will be more cream/ivory and that the emtpy area is our time / address that I didn’t really feel fit to share.

The wording I think is my favorite part, because it implies an unplugged wedding and focuses on really celebrating the moment as it happens. We hired my good friend Tom Vo to do our photography, and I can’t wait to see how everything else turns out.

I really want to use Peonies in my bouquet, so I’ve been researching that a lot lately.

Our wedding invitations with a creme, ink, and blush color scheme.

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