Tips for Building Your Capsule Wardrobe

Maintaining your closet, tips & tricks to help your capsule wardrobe last longer.

Above: Cuyana Silk Tee, Cuyana Swim Coverup, Acne Studios White Tee, Cuyana Silk Dress, Lou & Grey Backzip Sweatshirt.

Since I’ve been keeping a minimal wardrobe for awhile now, I’ve picked up a few habits that allow me to keep my closet cohesive and feeling like ‘me’. Today I’m sharing some quick and easy tips with you, from assessing your current closet, to cleaning it out, and filling in the gaps later.

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Bean Hollow Pebble Beach

Bean Hollow Pebble Beach, a purple rock based beach near Pescadero, California.

Have you ever been to the same place twice and had a totally new experienced the second time around? We visited a local beach that we had been to before, but not explored much beyond hte sand. It’s called Bean Hollow State Beach and it’s closed to Pescadero, California. Now there’s Bean Hollow State Beach and there’s Bean Hollow State Beach, if you know what I mean. These two beaches may share the same name and reside in the same recreational area, but there’s quite a difference between the two. Bean Hollow Pebble Beach is on the very Northern tip of Bean Hollow State Beach and is a world apart from it’s sandy cove cousin.

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